Diphoterine chemical burn spray 100ml UK

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It seems that we are no longer allowed to sell this product ....  to order, please contact Diphex, the UK sole distributor direct .....  https://www.diphex.com/


Diphoterine Micro-Dap spray is a primary action, first-aid skin decontamination solution developed by Prevor Laboratories in France.

Diphoterine is designed to be used to quickly neutralise and deactivate the corrosive power of all the Centurywise chemicals range apart from Hydrofluoric acid, where it is effective for solutions up to 5% only.

To be applied within the first minute of a chemical burn incident..... the handy 100ml spray is best kept in your pocket, to facilitate a rapid response.

For optimal efficacy , use the entire contents, and then seek medical advice.

Much quicker and effective than saline solution, or distilled water.

Diphoterine can be used in many industries, and trades, where it is necessary to use chemicals, and should be part of your PPE


Manufacturers information :  www.prevor.com/en/diphoterine-micro-dap

Diphoterine : Instructions for use

List of tested chemicals : www.prevor.com/en/list-of-tested-chemicals?StartNom_ProduitTeste=B



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