Blast Pot Animation



Compressed air is supplied to the Inlet valve (Compact Remote Valve) via the Water Separator.

At this stage the valve prevents air from entering the Pressure Chamber, and instead directs it along  the red remote line to the deadman control handle, where the air is released to atmosphere.

During this neutral phase abrasives may be loaded into the machine.


When the deadman handle is activated, the air circuit is completed …….  air travels via the yellow remote line, back to the Compact Remote Valve , where three actions occur simultaneously …..

a) The piston is forced down and air enters the Pressure Chamber, forcing the Pop-up Valve to seal against the rubber seat pan.

b) The initial piston movement also closes off the Exhaust , sealing the vessel, allowing it to hold pressure.

c) Air also continues down the Pusher Line, past the Choke Valve, to the base of the Abrasive Metering Valve, where it mixes with Abrasive. This mixture of Compressed Air, and Abrasive now exits the Blast Machine, and throught the Blast Hose and Nozzle connected to the Metering Valve.

3) EXHAUST ( depressurization ).

When the deadman handle is released, the Inlet Valve shuts off the flow of compressed air to the Pressure Chamber. Simultaneously the Exhaust valve opens allowing the compressed air in the Chamber to exit through the Exhaust Muffler. Note that a rapidly waning amount of residual air/abrasive mix will continue to exit the Blast Nozzle ……..  When all  pressure is released, blasting comes to a halt.