CRV Compact Remote Valve

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Product Code: CW758
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Modern alternative to the Clemco style RMS remote valve, and already much preferred by many seasoned blasters. The Compact Remote Valve is an air operated combined inlet/outlet valve which controls the flow of air to the deadman handle and the blast pot, allowing for the complete one man operation of the blast pot.

The main advantages over the 'old school' remote valves are its simplicity & very easy maintenance which can be carried out on-site with the valve body still attached to the blast pot .... just 4 hex. bolts to undo.... no fumbling around with 8 easily rounded allen head bolts !

Easy to fit to your existing blast pot.

Very reliable. We fit them as standard equipment on all our larger blast pots.

Requires minimum 90cfm to operate.

1 1/4" inlet port

Panblast equiv. no. BAC-RC-PB-0014

Uniflo technical info pdf

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