Kombi remote valve

Price: £220.00
Product Code: CW785
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Kombi 11 remote valve, incorporating a one piece inlet and outlet combination for blast pot blasting control.

Panblast part no. BAC-RC-0509-00

Will operate with minimum 60cfm compressor

A single piston assembly is utilized to both open and close the valve’s inlet and outlet sections simultaneously.

The valve is operated by a pilot air signal received when the operator activates the Pan-Blast™ AirStop deadman control handle.

In it’s un-activated state, a return spring is used to compress a diaphragm against the valves inlet port, preventing compressed air
from entering the blast pot or blast hose.

Upon receiving the signal from the control handle, the piston assembly retracts, opening the inlet port and simultaneously clamps
closed the blow down exhaust hose, permitting the pot to pressurize.

When the control handle is released, the valve returns to it’s unactivated state, and the pot de-pressurizes.

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