Blast Hose 2.5mtr Whip End 1.1/2" (38mm) o.d

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2.5 METRES  1" id x 1½” (38mm) od  BLAST HOSE WHIP END

Whip end blast hose c/w nozzle holder, and hose coupling, 2.5 metres long.

Add to the end of  large 48mm, or 55mm od blast hose, to make life more comfortable for the operator

Superb quality. 12 bar max. working pressure

Nominal burst pressure : 36 bar

Temp :  - 40 deg C to + 70 deg C

Weight : Approx 2kg

Reinforced outer casing of cloth and rubber impregnated fibre winding. Pin-pricked to prevent formation of air pockets between layers. Provides great resistance to external abrasions from being dragged around the blast site.

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