Nova 3 Blast helmet NV3-000

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The new NV3-000 Nova 3 shot blast helmet is the new top of the range, latest generation Nova helmet introduced in 2014.

Main differences over the Nova 2000 helmet is the much larger viewing area, and larger internal pads.

RPB have raised the bar again, to produce the best blast cleaning helmet available..... way better than any Hodge Clemco offering.

Nova helmets have quickly gained worldwide popularity amongst professional blast cleaners, the innovative Nova helmet has become the benchmark and most sought after blast helmet on the market.

Quietist helmet available & very comfortable, this helmet has had design input from seasoned blasters.

Comes standard with a tough but lightweight 28" nylon cape for protection from rebounding abrasives. Snug detachable inner cape provides a barrier to airborne contaminates and is made of soft breathable fabric to allow air flow down you neck while maintaining positive pressure. Zipper attachment for easy replacement. 8 studs on the helmet ensure the cape wont fall off. Super Tough helmet shell is made of high density polyethylene, U.V. stabilized and abrasion resistant.

With a snug fit padded interior it feels more like a motorcycle helmet.

Lightweight , fits firmly, does not twist around your head and drive you mad like many other helmets.

Provides a far more enjoyable blasting experience for the operator, ensuring less fatigue and more productivity.

Helmet features a large wrap around double lens for a wide field of vision without any distorting side glare.

Air duct distribution diffuses an even flow of breathing air throughout the helmet to cool the head and face, and prevents the lens from fogging.

Nova 3 YouTube Video

The most advanced helmet on the planet.

All lenses are available in this store.

Nova 3 Manual : Nova 3 Manual.pdf

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