K5 Unloader valve assembly

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K5 Unloader valve assembly

Used to protect the pump. Should the operating pressure exceed the pressure the unloader is set at, the unloader will act as a pressure regulator and dump excess water to ensure the adjusted pressure is not exceeded.

Whenever the trigger gun is shut off the unloader will switch to bypass and send excess water back to the pump low pressure water inlet , or supply barrel depending on your set up.

Straight flow-through design minimizes pressure loss through valve.

Internal bypass valve can be easily accessed and repaired without removing unloader from unit.

Pressure maximal (bar) 250
Pressure maximal (psi) 3600
Flow rate   (l/min) 12 - 21
Temperature (°C) 60
Temperature (°F) 140
Inlet thread size 3/8"
Inlet thread type female
Outlet thread size 1/2"
Outlet thread type male
Bypass thread size 1/2"
Bypass thread type male
Material brass
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