Pressure Washer Pump Oil : 1 litre SAE30

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Very often overlooked, regularly changing the oil in a high pressure pump is essential for maintaining optimum pump performance.

An SAE30 non detergent oil specially formulated for pressure washer pumps. Using motor oil will result in the oil turning milky white.

Use in pumps of all makes of pressure washers .... Speck, Hawk, Karcher, Annovi, Kranzle, Kew, WAP, Nilfisk, Interpump, Gerni, Honda, Comet, Falch, CAT, KMS, MacAllister, Yanmar, Brendon, Kiam, Loncin, Dirtdriver, Seddon, Nixon, Lavor, Edge, Demon, Northstar, Udor, Draper, Pratissoli, Wesley, Sealey, Challenge, Ehrle, Alto, etc

The first oil change on a new pump must be after the first 15 to 20 hour running in period, then every 3 months or 200 hours whichever comes first. Fill the crankcase to the dot in the centre of the oil sight gauge window. Every week check the oil level in the clear sight gauge or using the dip-stick, and top-up if necessary.

During routine weekly checks also ensure that water has not seeped into the oil (if it has, the oil will be whitish/grey in colour). Seepage may be caused by excessive seal leaks (poor maintenance) or condensation build-up in surroundings that are very humid or subject to wide temperature swings.

SAE 30

One litre

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