20 Gallon Blast Pot - Upgrade

Price: £680.00
Product Code: CW596
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We took a typical 20 gallon blast pot and improved it hugely to make it more useable and reliable ..... designed to fill the gap between the basic red Ebay blast pot and small professional heavy duty blast pots.

One man operation .... we have added a remote control valve, operated by deadman switch near the nozzle on blast hose.

Works well with small, .... minimum 10 CFM ( true air delivery), air compressor, up to larger 50 CFM output machines

Internal flow control tube .... so no more having to stand next to the pot shaking it.

6 mtrs of professional 13mm id. blast hose

Tungsten carbide nozzle

Ball valve grit flow control, and heavy duty 3000lb tee

Loads of applications for your projects .... vehicle , parts & wheels, boats, stone & brickwork, aviation, small touch-up jobs, plant & machinery, woodwork,  etc

Great for use with blast cabinets .... ideally use 2 .... one for abrasive media, the other for glass bead polishing


Please check out the video below .....




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