RPB GX4 Intelligent Gas Monitor

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RPB Safety gas monitor for testing breathing air quality within compressed air breathing air lines. International Standard EN12021 requires that compressed air supplied to air fed respiratory devices must be tested every 3 months, (minimum), by a competent person. This of course includes shot blast helmets, and paint spraying masks.

Made by the same company that manufactures Nova shot blast helmets.

This handy portable kit allows you to comply with legislation, and stay on the right side of HSE inspectors, who are carrying out more frequent, random visits to company premises, and construction sites.

The kit is supplied with the Carbon Monoxide sensor cartridge, which is the most popular. Cartridges for Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Water, and Oil Mist can also be purchased, depending on your requirements. The sensors are pre-calibrated, last up to 2 years, and are easy to remove and replace. The machine alerts the user when a cartridge needs replacing.

All housed in a smart, rugged, lightweight case. 

Readings are displayed in real time on the illuminated display, and can also be hooked up via wi-fi to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The unit keeps detailed records, updating readings every 5 seconds.

NB. Delivery of this machine is usually approx. 8 working days, as the cartridge has to be calibrated to machine.

Why is it so important ? ....

Asides from the legal compliance aspect, breathing air needs to be thoroughly tested for the presence of substances which may be harmful to the operative. High levels of CO, CO2, mist, and oil can cause the operator to become nauseous, lightheaded, and dizzy. CO, and CO2 don't give off any taste or odour, so they are difficult to detect, until they are at a harmful level. Saturated dessicant, or charcoal type breathing air filters can cause contaminants to build up to dangerously high levels. Regular testing allows you to spot maintenance and servicing issues before they become a problem.

EN12021 - Respiratory protective devices - Compressed air for breathing apparatus

Summary as follows .....

Oxygen  :  21% (+- 1%) by volume ( dry air)

Carbon Monoxide : As low as possible, but not to exceed 15ml/m3

Carbon Dioxide : Not to exceed 500ml/m3

Oil mist/vapour : Not to exceed 0.5 mg/m3

Odour/taste : Without significant odour or taste

Water (liquid) : Without significant odour or taste - there should be no free liquid water

Industry Breathing Air Applications include ....

  • Spray painting, coating and confined space applications
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Chemical, pesticide and materials handling
  • Chemical stripping
  • Waste management
  • And many more!

Product Features ...

  • Illuminated information display for viewing real time data
  • 103 decibel alarm. This can also be used in conjunction with auxiliary warning devices such as strobe lights
  • Monitor up to four gases simultaneously
  • Strong purpose built case, manufactured from Reinforced Polypropylene it is designed for the harshest of conditions
  • Cartridges can be easily removed by pushing the cartridge release button and clipped back in
  • Push to release air inlet
  • Robust power inlet
  • Sturdy mounting bracket for attaching the GX4 to walls
  • Universal power options for running the GX4 or charging it’s internal battery
  • If you are working remotely to the GX4 Gas Monitor you can connect a strobe light or strobe light and alarm
  • Complete quick and easy calibration checks with no set points required
  • A range of pre-calibrated gas sensors are available including CO, O2 and CO2 and all have a 2 year shelf life.
  • Connect from your laptop, tablet, phone or a network to view real time data, download logs and much more
  • Optional robust carry case


GX4 Product brochure pdf

GX4 Instruction Manual pdf


GX4 Advanced gas detection and monitoring video ..... 

GX4 - How to connect your device video .....


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