Pressure regulator 1.1/2" ports

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This inline pressure regulator allows you to finely control the air inlet pressure to your blast pot. Really useful when you are cleaning small, or thin metal items; or when you are cleaning brick window recesses, soft wood, or if you need to be gentle on sensitive stonework. Use with all popular professional blast pots.
Inline mounting

Piston-type design

Pressure gauge

Pressure adjustment bar

1.1/2" Ports
Body: Aluminum.

     Max temp : 175°F ( 80°C)

     Dome : Nylon; aluminum with optional 0-150 psig spring.

     Fluid Media: Compressed air.

     Inlet Pressure: 300 psig (21 bar) maximum.

     Knob: T bar

     Outlet Pressure: Adjustable up to 100 psig (7 bar).

     Pressure Adjustment Locking Key: Removable.

     Pressure Gauge: 0 to 100 psig (7 bar); 1/4 NPT gauge ports front and rear.

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