Hypodermic Needle Blast Pressure Gauge

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Pan Blast BAC-BA-0231-00 Hypodermic needle pressure gauge kit

This is a great piece of kit to keep in your tool box.

Provides a quick, and  accurate way to measure your blasting pressure.at the business end, especially when you're using extension hoses, when you have pressure critical applications, or to check pressure loss due to blast hose, or nozzle wear.

Helps maintain efficiency, and productivity.

Much better than trying to use your compressor output gauge for a blast pressure reading ... you will never get an accurate reading.

Consists of large, clear gauge pressure indicator, and 3 fine needles, all in a wooden box to keep safe.

Simply insert the needle through blast hose a few inches back from the nozzle holder, pointing forward at an angle as in photos.

Record the reading, and put away till next required.

You can also take a reading at the pot end of the hose, to see how much pressure you are losing along the length.

Check your compressor air hoses as well.


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