Hexafluorine HF Burns Solution

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Hexafluorine is an eye/skin decontamination solution developed by Prevor Laboratories in France.

While traditional rinsing with water only washes away hydrofluoric acid on the surface of the skin, Hexafluorine rinses and absorbs HF simultaneously. The product has the ability ( 100 times greater than calcium gluconate ) to bind both hydrogen and fluoride ions preventing caustic burns and systemic fluoride poisoning

The manufacturer recommends that Hexafluorine is utilized immediately within 1 minute after exposure. Hexafluorine replaces the need for initial rinsing with water, which is why this time window is so small. A holder and belt is available so the operator has the product immediately to hand. If used within this time frame, it has been proved on numerous occasions that Hexafluorine has the ability to prevent all adverse effects. If Hexafluorine were to be utilized later, say one hour after exposure, it would be effective in treating any further damage, but would not prevent damages that have already occured.

Hexafluorine information pdf : Hexafluorine Info.pdf

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