CW23 Anti-Graffiti Coating - 5lts

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Centurywise CW23 is a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating designed to place a near invisible matt barrier on porous brick, stone, and concrete surfaces. Product does not affect the breathing porosity of the substrate. It greatly eases the subsequent removal of new graffiti , normally without the need for paint removing chemicals. As a further benefit CW23 also reduces the rate of algal growth.
CW23 is water based and can be applied directly to damp surfaces. This can be enormously time saving
if the surface to be treated has just been pressure washed clean.
CW23 is non-flammable , and not classified as hazardous.
Apply a neat coat by brush or sprayer, wiping off excess droplets. Allow to dry ( approx.) one hour, and apply second neat coat, again, wiping off excess droplets.
One litre will apply 2 coat coverage to approx. 8 sq. mtrs. of sandblasted reclaimed brickwork
Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection, especially when spraying.
A supply of clean water should always be available when handling this product.
Read CW23 Health & Safety sheets before using this product..... click on link below...



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