Blast Pot Spares and Parts

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Blast pot ball valve
Standard, high quality , full bore, brass ball valve for many shot blast applications. Chrome pla..
Blast Pot Ball Valve 1.1/4"
Standard, high quality , full bore, brass ball valve. Chrome plated brass body, PTFE valve seats,..
Blast pot wheel - 250mm
250mm diameter blast pot wheel, will suit many popular blast pots. Bore 25.4mm, roller bearing,&nbs..
Hose tail 1.1/4"M x 1.1/4"
Steel  coupling with hose tail  1.1/4" male thread  x  1.1/4" Tail For us..
Inspection door seal
Heavy duty rubber inspection door gasket External length : 200mm Internal length : 100mm External..
Inspection plate assembly
Inspection door plate, and innovative hinged bolt & clamp. Approx. 8" x 6" Fits range of Centu..
MP9 - 1/2" Pot machine coupling
Blast pot coupling 1/2" Female thread , fits at bottom of 10A,1028, and other standard 10" blast..
OLI Pneumatic Rotary Ball Vibrator OL20
Oli OL20 blast media vibrator. Usually fits to blast pot leg, and allows for improved media flow,..
P9 - 1.1/4" Pot machine coupling
P9 Heavy duty threaded gun metal blast machine coupling Long lasting and durable,designed to with..
P9 Gaskets CG-1  for CQ1,2,3,P9 x 5
Gaskets for CQ-1, CQ-2, CQ-3, and P9 metal couplings Precision, shaped high wear resistant ru..
Pop-up 'O' Sealing ring
Replacement rubber pop-up valve, blast pot sealing ring. Fits C50L, C100L, C140L, 14A, 20A, 24A,..
Pop-up sealing ring ( 10" pot )
Replacement rubber pop-up valve, blast pot sealing ring. Fits small C20L,10A , 1028 size blast pot..
Pop-up valve c/w stem ... standard size
Automatic pressure sealing pop-up valve. Allows for fast pressurization of the blast pot. Du..
Pressure regulator 1.1/2" ports
This inline pressure regulator allows you to finely control the air inlet pressure to your blast..
Shot Blast Pot Lid : 14"
Very useful item. Helps prevent rain, dust, and debris from entering, and ultimately blocking your p..
Stem only
Threaded replacement stem for pop-up valve. 1/2"bsp thread (21.25mm diameter) 215mm long Fits Ce..
Water separator 1/2" ports
1/2" Ports for  C20L, 10A, 1028, & all other small 10" blast pots. Max. air pressure : 1..
Pop-up valve c/w stem ... small size
Automatic pressure sealing pop-up valve, for small 10" blast pots. Allows for fast pressurization..
Water Separator 1.1/2"
Remove moisture before it slows the job down ! Moisture in your air supply will dampen your bl..
Blast pot coupling reducer / adaptor
Solution for those who want to use their everyday blast pot with their blast cabinet, or to do some ..