Portable Power Injection Gun Kit

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Product Code: CW580
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Full size suction blast gun, complete with media hopper, and 6 mtrs blast hose.

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

Designed to be used with small  60 to 130 CFM  compressors ( low carbon footprint).

Performance compares well with small conventional pressure blast pots.

Not a pressure vessel, so no pressure certificate required.

Easy to transport, and quick to set up

Ideal for small jobs, test patches, graffiti removal, component cleaning, spot blasting, etc

Use with enviro friendly crushed glass media

Instructions ..........

Load media into the hopper.

Attach standard 3/4" air hose between the compressor, and the air inlet at the handle port of the trigger.

Attach media blast hose between blue hopper, and the trigger media inlet.

Max air pressure : 12 bar

Max media size : 1.5mm

Max suction length : 10 mtrs

Max suction height : 5 mtrs



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