Blast Pot Spares and Parts

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Blast pot ball valve
Standard, high quality , full bore, brass ball valve for many shot blast applications. Chrome pla..
Ex Tax: £9.50
Blast Pot Ball Valve 1.1/4"
Standard, high quality , full bore, brass ball valve. Chrome plated brass body, PTFE valve seats,..
Ex Tax: £16.00
Blast pot wheel - 250mm
250mm diameter blast pot wheel, will suit many popular blast pots. Bore 25.4mm, roller bearing,&nbs..
Ex Tax: £19.00
Hose tail 1.1/4"M x 1.1/4"
Steel  coupling with hose tail  1.1/4" male thread  x  1.1/4" Tail For us..
Ex Tax: £6.50
Inspection door seal
Heavy duty rubber inspection door gasket External length : 200mm Internal length : 100mm External..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Inspection plate assembly
Inspection door plate, and innovative hinged bolt & clamp. Approx. 8" x 6" Fits range of Centu..
Ex Tax: £67.00
MP9 - 1/2" Pot machine coupling
Blast pot coupling 1/2" Female thread , fits at bottom of 10A,1028, and other standard 10" blast..
Ex Tax: £16.00
OLI Pneumatic Rotary Ball Vibrator OL20
Oli OL20 blast media vibrator. Usually fits to blast pot leg, and allows for improved media flow,..
Ex Tax: £132.00
P9 - 1.1/4" Pot machine coupling
P9 Heavy duty threaded gun metal blast machine coupling Long lasting and durable,designed to with..
Ex Tax: £17.00
P9 Gaskets CG-1  for CQ1,2,3,P9 x 5
Gaskets for CQ-1, CQ-2, CQ-3, and P9 metal couplings Precision, shaped high wear resistant ru..
Ex Tax: £6.50
Pop-up 'O' Sealing ring
Replacement rubber pop-up valve, blast pot sealing ring. Fits C50L, C100L, C140L, 14A, 20A, 24A,..
Ex Tax: £13.00
Pop-up sealing ring ( 10" pot )
Replacement rubber pop-up valve, blast pot sealing ring. Fits small C20L,10A , 1028 size blast pot..
Ex Tax: £11.80
Pop-up valve c/w stem
Automatic pressure sealing pop-up valve. Allows for fast pressurization of the blast pot. Du..
Ex Tax: £35.00
Pressure regulator 1.1/2" ports
This inline pressure regulator allows you to finely control the air inlet pressure to your blast..
Ex Tax: £140.00
Sieve lid 14"
Blast pot sieve lid 14" Very useful item. The blast pot sieve lid helps prevent debris, &&nbs..
Ex Tax: £45.00
Sieve lid 20"
Very useful item. Helps prevent debris, & damp abrasives from entering, and ultimately bloc..
Ex Tax: £54.00
Stem only
Threaded replacement stem for pop-up valve. 1/2"bsp thread (21.25mm diameter) 215mm long Fits Ce..
Ex Tax: £7.50
Water separator 1/2" ports
1/2" Ports for  C20L, 10A, 1028, & all other small 10" blast pots. Max. air pressure : 1..
Ex Tax: £45.00
Wet blast head
Ex Tax: £49.00
Water Separator 1.1/2"
Remove moisture before it slows the job down ! Moisture in your air supply will dampen your bl..
Ex Tax: £102.00